XXL Klara cream cat tree


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The Trixie XXL Klara cat tree brings variety and fun to your cat’s everyday life.
The Trixie XXL Klara cat tree has a comfortable cozy bed with soft reversible cushion – an ideal place to sleep with a view for your cat.

To scratch, the Trixie cat tree offers trunks covered with very thick sisal. Thus, your domestic cat can devote himself entirely to the daily maintenance of his claws. It will stop damaging your furniture.

The extra-wide sisal play rope provides variety and invites relaxed play sessions.

The Trixie XXL Klara cat tree is particularly suitable for large cats.

The reversible cushion can be hand washed if needed.

Dimensions of the XXL Trixie Klara cat tree:

• Basic dimensions (L X W): 60 x 60 cm


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