Wall scraper


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scraper is fixed to the wall and does not require a base plate.
Climbing, playing, observing the environment, scratching and resting – the scratching post from  is perfect.

The wall scratcher offers your cat several sleeping places and a comfortable hammock. Your cat can climb here and relax afterwards. The hammock is a particularly comfortable place, from there your cat can keep an eye on its territory.

The sisal is glued to the pillars, here your little cat can continue its natural training to scratch. Thus, your furniture, carpets and tapestries are protected against scratches. The sisal rope also invites you to play and offers variety.

When installed on the wall, the  2.0  wall scraper is particularly attractive and leaves space under the scratching post – which creates additional space and allows easy floor cleaning.

The woven fabric cushions are attached with  They can be removed.


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