Safari Big Cat Tree


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The large version of the  Safari cat tree offers your house cat plenty of entertainment options.
The original design makes the Safari Big cat tree an eye-catcher that will be your cat’s new favorite spot. The very solid base provides the necessary support.

The curved scratching board or the scratching tunnel are great extras that offer lots of claw care fun and protect your furniture and wallpaper from your pet’s natural urge to scratch. In addition, the object includes two other lying surfaces, a cave and a small toy on the cat tree to play, relax and invite observation.

Dimensions and data:

• With berth, sunken berth, tunnel and cave

Extra strong base plate

• Cave: 35 x 35 x 25 cm

• Deep berth: 30 x 28.5 cm

• Berth (ø): approx. 30cm

• Height: 122cm

• Trunk: Ø 7.5 cm

• Sisal glued on the columns


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