Red plush


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A world-renowned brand since 1976, Kong develops essential toys for the well-being of dogs using materials that pose no risk to animal health.

The game of the stick is timeless allowing:

A healthy physical expenditure.
Stimulation of the hunting instinct.
A fun reminder exercise.
A strengthening of the human/animal bond.
Featuring 2 whistles and a curving texture, the KONG Squeak Stix provides excellent value for money.

KONG Squeak Stix dog stick
Robust material
Perfect for the “toss and fetch” game
Ideal for physical expenditure
Support muscle health
Anti-stress effect
Cognitive and auditory stimulation
Helps with tooth wear
Educational aid for recall
Reduces the risk of onset of behavioral problems
Strengthens the human/animal relationship
Different colors depending on the size
Color: ORANGE and BLUE


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