Natural Living Swing


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The swing made of natural wood, coconut shell and wicker invites to swing, scratch and play.
#Birds want to be busy, that’s why you should offer them enough bird toys. Birds that cannot play are underutilized and become unhappy. They find plenty to do in the wild, but not in the cage. You must therefore regularly replace the  that your companion always has something new to discover.

The Trixie Natural Living Swing brings fun and occupation to the birdcage. The natural wood and the texture of the original tree bark are especially nibbled by parrots, e.g. the parakeets. The swing thus protects furniture and other objects from the sharp beaks of animals and also contributes to the maintenance of the beak and its necessary wear.

The Trixie Natural Living Bow Swing is available in two sizes:

Important: Bring more variety to your bird in its cage and be sure to offer seats of different diameter, length, shape and surface.


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