Nancy cat tree


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cat tree with doghouse, toy and different sleeping options.
Cats need entertainment and movement. For them, the game is a way to reduce stress and train their bodies, especially to satisfy their natural need to scratch.

The Nancy  cat tree not only impresses with its appearance but also with its functionality all along the line. The braided pattern of the niche and the sofa ensure high air permeability. The dark gray felt cushions can be easily removed when needed and can be washed at 30°C. Thanks to the elegant black and gray colors, the cat tree fits perfectly into any interior and offers a high-end and timeless effect. The cozy doghouse and the lying surfaces on two different levels offer enough retreat possibilities. The sturdy scratching trunks also allow your cat to satisfy its daily need to scratch. . The hanging toy, which encourages catching and playing, provides additional fun. The Nancy  cat tree thus combines everything your cat dreams of: cozy beds to observe and relax, enough scratching possibilities and different levels to explore and climb.


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