Falco cat tree


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Super cat tree with cozy cave.
The Trixie Falco scratching post offers many possibilities for scratching: the structure is made of sisal and the scratching post has a scratching trunk wrapped in jute. Thus, your cat can indulge unreservedly in its natural need to scratch: your furniture and your upholstery are protected from scratches.

The two parts of the cat tree are connected to each other by a padded resting tray. On the sleeping area, your cat can climb, lounge comfortably and observe the environment. Your cat has the best view from the round lying tray with integrated cozy bed. There he has a soft reversible cushion to snuggle up with. The cozy cave with two floors and several entrances is a nice place to sleep and hide.

Reversible cushions can be removed as needed and hand washed.


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