Comfort Jumbo Plush


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In order to serenely apprehend the distressing situations of domestic life, it is strongly advised to provide a soft toy or cuddly toy to your four-legged friend.

Essential aid for life in captivity, the plush is a beneficial accessory for:

Sustainably combat stress.
Maintain good dental health.
Avoid destruction of furniture.
Promote daily well-being.
Overcome boredom and frustration.
Manufactured by the world famous brand, the KONG Sound Duck Plush for Dogs has a sound effect to effectively stimulate the animal.

KONG Sound Duck soft toy for dogs
Bite resistant material
Features a large area for optimal grip (shaking, biting, etc.)
Promotes animal welfare
Avoid boredom and destruction
Anti-stress effect
Contributes to the proper development of teeth and jaw muscles
Features a sound effect (squeaker) to entertain and arouse your pet’s curiosity
Colors according to arrival


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