Ava cat tree


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Climb, scrape and huddle on two levels.
The Ava cat tree from Trixie has several comfortable sitting and lying areas. Inside the plush cave is a soft reversible cushion – a great place for your cat to hide and take a nap. The padded rest tray with its plush cushion provides a great place to sleep with a view. The high edge makes your cat feel particularly secure in its bed.

For sharpening claws, the Trixie Cat Tree offers a large sisal scratching surface and a trunk wrapped in jute. Thus, your domestic cat can devote himself entirely to the daily maintenance of his claws. It will stop damaging your furniture. The scratching trunk provides stable support for the cozy bed.

The play ball attached to the rope provides extra play and invites your cat to play sessions.

Thanks to the discreet color combination of white plush and gray sisal scratching surface as well as its square shape, the Ava cat tree from Trixie fits into almost any interior.

The two reversible cushions can be hand washed if needed.


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